Xavier Justo

former Swiss Banker

Xavier Andre Justo is a former Swiss banker.
He spent his banking career in Geneva before retiring in 2009 after selling his company. He worked for Petrosaudi from 2005 until 2010.
He established a real estate company in Thailand in 2010 which he was running with his wife until his arrest in June 2015.
In early 2015 he leaked the information to a British journalist that contributed to exposing the 1MDB Malaysian scam to the world.
The 1MDB scam is considered one of the biggest financial scams in history with ramifications in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA.
After spending 18 months in a Thailand jail under fake charges he was released in December 2016.
Since then he has been cooperating with various law enforcement agencies in different countries. He is still fighting to have the criminals responsible for the financial scam and for his arrest to be sent to prison.
He is a speaker at different financial crimes-related conferences and he will be soon publishing a book about his experience.