Thursday 22 April 2021 | 10:00 - 13:00 BST


Keynote: Elevating the compliance function within your business.

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  • The future of compliance as a strategic driver

John Flint, former Group Chief Executive, HSBC

AI & Ethics

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the landscape of financial services, with recent research from Autonomous Next estimating that that banks are in line to make cost savings of $447 billion by 2023, and McKinsey estimating that AI can unlock $1 trillion of incremental value for banks, annually. Applications of these powerful technologies emerging across front, middle and back office use cases, and adoption of digital technologies has been accelerated by several years across the globe due to Covid-19.  

It is now an imperative that banks learn how to safely and effectively deploy AI, with appropriate skills and frameworks in place in order to maximise AI’s benefits while minimising it’s risks.  

In this session, Janet Adams will present published research on accountability and explainability for AI implementation in financial services, considering the key risks of fairness and bias, transparency, and operational resilience, and how to effectively establish risk and governance frameworks for safe and ethical implementation of AI, to ensure regulatory compliance and fair customer outcomes.  

Janet Adams, Chief Operating Officer, SingularityNET

Harnessing the potential of data: A balancing act

It has been argued that “data is the new oil” and the potential for harnessing data in the fight against financial crime is increasingly well understood. However, the attraction of data sharing initiatives and collaborative efforts between regulated entities and among regulators must be balanced against requirements for data protection and privacy. 

In this panel discussion, leading data experts will consider the challenges and opportunities around data, from data collection and management to data pooling, suggesting ways forward both for organisations and the sector as a whole. 

Risk of Falling Behind

The current speed of technological change is challenging the ability of both regulators and businesses to keep pace with emerging risks associated with the use (and abuse) of new innovations. In the face of an increasingly complex technological landscape some in compliance may feel apprehensive about the deployment of new technological solutions or products. But at the same time, as technologies such as AI and Big Data increasingly touch all aspects of our personal and professional lives, the risk of falling behind is almost greater than the risk of rushing in unprepared. 

This session considers the practical compliance implications of implementing new technologies, platforms and products, and the challenges of managing technological risk.  

Christian Broere, Sales Director, EMEA, Wolters Kluwer
Alecia Edwards-Graham, MICA, Group Manager, Risk and Compliance Proven Management Limited.
Peter Smith, (Moderator)Head of Policy and Strategy, DFSA
Maria Lukashova, FICA, Compliance Lead, Microsoft UK




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