Thursday 13 May 2021 | 10:00 - 13:00 BST

Each session will last for 30 minutes

Reducing the Risk of Unconscious Bias

Overview: Unconscious Bias – we all have it. In fact we cannot function without it. But unconscious bias can distort a whole range of decisions from the relatively straightforward to the highly complex. And left unchecked, unconscious bias can quickly find their way into the systems and structures within our organisations. Hayley Barnard will explore how unconscious bias can affect us on a personal and organisational level and the actions we can take to mitigate bias. She will explain how we can learn to ‘interrupt’ bias through inclusive leadership, how to proactively building systems that allow all voices to be heard and how this can reduce risk. You will leave with a fascinating insight into how your brain makes decisions and with a practical toolkit to increase inclusion and reduce risk in your leadership. 

Hayley Barnard, Managing Director, MIX Diversity Developers

Psychology of Compliance 

The culture and conduct agenda has taken on a new complexion in the context of working from home, but remains a significant regulatory priority. How, then, do we influence the behaviour of individuals from a compliance perspective? Using practical examples, Paul Eccleson will explain: 

  • The drivers of human behaviour within the workplace, including the influence of the move towards home working upon employee behaviour 
  • The ongoing importance of culture in shaping and constraining individuals’ behaviour, and the role for compliance in supporting strong corporate ethics 
  • The value of communication in making or breaking the compliance message. 

Paul Eccleson, Governance Risk and Compliance Consultant, Gail Bragg Consulting Ltd

Courageous integrity: How compliance leaders can effectively challenge and support the business 

What does it mean to be a compliance leader? Effective compliance leadership requires more than just technical competence and an understanding of the regulatory environment. Increasingly, it requires the skills and courage to constructively challenge the status quo. 

This session will offer key practical insights on how to couple your compliance knowledge and your understanding of the commercial drivers of your business with the softer skills of communication, relationship building, and influence, enabling you to engage effectively with and to influence colleagues at all levels across your organisation. 

Andrienne Muir, Chief Operating Officer.  Voxsmart,

Paul Asare-Archer, FICA, Director of Compliance, O2
Scott Bridgen, Global Offering Manager, One Trust GRC
Oonagh van den Berg, CEO & Founder, RAW Compliance

An inside view of the 1MDB Scandal: Whistleblower Xavier Justo discusses the compliance lessons to be gleaned from the world’s biggest financial scandal

Join international whistleblower lawyer Mary Inman as she interviews 1MDB Whistleblower Xavier Justo about his odyssey exposing the world’s biggest financial scandal.  The information Mr. Justo shared with British journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown brought down the Malaysian government and triggered successful prosecutions in several countries for the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars from state-owned Malaysian investment fund 1MDB, including Goldman Sach’s $2.9 Billion settlement late last year with the U.S. Department of Justice over its alleged role in a scheme to bribe high-ranking government officials in Malaysia and Abu Dhabi to obtain business in connection with 1MDB.  Ms. Inman and Mr. Justo will discuss the compliance lessons to be gleaned from this massive international scandal.      

Xavier Justo, former Swiss Banker

Mary A. Inman, Partner, Constantine Cannon


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