Robert Luu

Regional Director, ASEAN

Robert Luu has been a Solutions Consultant with Galvanize for the past 9 years, architecting strategic governance solutions and integrating technology platforms for data-driven risk, audit, and compliance management solutions across the globe.

In this role, he has worked closely with Galvanize’s customer base to implement all aspects of the HighBond and Robotics platform for Risk, Audit, Compliance, IT, Finance, and Operation functions including data automation and continuous monitoring programs across industries such as banking, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, retail, oil and gas, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, education, and the public sector. He also provides advisory and consulting services for data-driven risk and audit management professionals supported by his recent achievements in receiving Certification in Digital Risk Management. Robert now plays a key role in leading the go-to-market strategies for Galvanize’s innovative solution stack and oversees the overall success of the customers for the Asia-Pacific region.