Hayley Barnard

Managing Director
MIX Diversity Developers

Hayley Barnard tackles issues surrounding unconscious bias and inclusiveness, ensuring that her ideas have real value for audiences’ working lives. A straightforward but highly engaging speaker, Hayley Barnard uses her expertise to ensure inclusion is something that can be accessible to all organisations. Hayley is a communications expert and delivers comprehensive speeches and talks where she explains the psychology behind unconscious bias. Hayley Barnard is a keynote speaker aiming to equip leaders to champion diversity as well as being a consultant to top-level executives throughout the UK and Europe. She is a subject matter expert on diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias and inclusive leadership. 

Hayley is a communications expert having studied marketing at postgraduate level and then worked in internal and external business communications for over 17 years.

Her specialism is in strategy development, communication planning and execution. Hayley’s focus is to improve inclusiveness, reduce inequality and bring competitive advantage to organisations through development and communication of innovative D&I strategy.

She is an experienced trainer on unconscious bias and effective communication. Hayley’s D&I presentation, ‘Biased, who me?’ is designed to ensure employees reach their potential in a culture of inclusivity, allowing people to truly be themselves at work.

Using storytelling and anecdotes, Hayley explains the science behind unconscious bias – both positive bias and negative bias – and why balance in the workplace is worth striving for. Her presentations include how to recognise your unconscious bias, why and how are we all biased? Positive and negative bias and how to become an inclusive leader.